SolarTradex solar installation projects

The map shows the number of installations in progress (orange) and completed (green) in each location, with more than 1,300 installations in total. They can be zoomed to see details and the white circles represent aggregations of populations.

Some of our work

We have helped numerous companies and manufacturers to integrate solar panels into their facilities and thus obtain savings in their production costs.

Residential Self-Consumption

Residential Solar Self-Consumption Projects
If you are looking for a tailored solution to reduce your electricity bill and have your own source of renewable energy at home, we would love to collaborate with you on your residential self-consumption project. We have the experience of more than 1,300 successfully executed residential self-consumption projects, as shown by the comments and reviews of our satisfied customers on Google. Contact us and we will advise you with complete transparency as to which installation best suits your consumption.

Collective self-consumption

Collective Solar Self-Consumption Projects
If you live in a neighborhood community or are part of a housing community that is considering making the transition to solar energy, contact us and we will give you a personalized quote for your community. Collective self-consumption projects allow you to take advantage of the common surfaces of neighborhood communities to jointly install solar panels and save on your electricity bill in the same way as if the installation were on your own roof. We have special financing proposals for neighborhood communities!

Industrial self-consumption

Industrial Solar Self-Consumption Projects
Our industrial solar self-consumption projects are designed to offer comprehensive and efficient energy solutions to companies of all types. We are specialists in self-consumption installations of any size, adapting our proposals to the savings and investment needs of each client, and proposing multiple forms of financing, among which we highlight photovoltaic renting and PPA. Contact us to prepare a technical-economic study adapted to your hourly consumption profile.