and subsidies

Next Generation, reduction of IRPF (individuals), IBI or company credits

What types of grants and subsidies are available for my self-consumption installation?

ICIO Photovoltaic Grant

Most town councils rebate up to 95% of the Construction, Installations and Works Tax (ICIO).

You can check the grant available in each municipality by consulting the corresponding tax ordinance for the current year.

    Deduction of 40% of the investment in personal income tax

    The Tax Agency has approved a deduction for those facilities that save 30% of non-renewable primary energy.

    Ask us about the particular conditions to access this credit.

    For more information: Deductions for works to improve the energy efficiency of homes

    IBI Rebate

    Likewise, many town councils rebate up to 50% of the Real Estate Tax (IBI) for periods of up to 5 years.

    You can check the bonus available in each municipality by consulting the corresponding tax ordinance for the current year.

    Balearic Islands Subsidies

    In 2024, the Government of the Balearic Islands and the IDAE have started the Investment Plan for the Energy Transition of the Balearic Islands (PITEIB). The plan includes grants to promote renewable energies in various economic sectors, such as the industrial sector (industrial estates), small businesses (SMEs) and also for the important nautical sector. It also promotes the promotion of energy communities and electric mobility, encouraging the installation of photovoltaic pergolas and charging points for electric vehicles in parking lots.

    For more information: Join the energy transition with subsidies for 2024 for The Balearic Islands

    Renewable Energy Subsidies

    Take advantage of the aid available until 12/31/2023 to save up to 35% on your residential self-consumption installation and up to 65% if you incorporate a battery.

    The grant is awarded in strict order of application, don't wait any longer!!

    For more information: Grants available from the incentive program linked to self-consumption and storage, with renewable energy sources and implementation of renewable thermal systems

    State tax subsidies

    State tax subsidies

    Frequently asked questions


    would like to know if you know approximately how many months it takes to pay the NextGeneration subsidies and the IBI credit?


    The subsidies are very slow to be resolved due to lack of ICAEN resources.

    RD477/2021 establishes a period of 6 months to grant the subsidy, although currently this period is far exceeded given that as of today only applications registered on 01/10/22 have been granted.

    Once the subsidy is granted, a period of 18 months begins to justify the investment and then the ICAEN has 6 months to pay.

    The IBI bonus depends on each municipality, although it normally takes a minimum of 6 months.