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SolarTradex is a company with a long history, experience and reputation in the field of solar installations for residential, collective, commercial and industrial self-consumption. We have our own engineering and our own teams of solar installers to manage all phases of your project with maximum guarantee, including design, engineering, processing, installation and commissioning, legalization and management of subsidies, grants or tax credits.
Grants awarded
We process the grants and subsidies available for solar energy

At SolarTradex, we are in charge of all the processing of grants and subsidies for photovoltaic solar energy installations at the lowest cost.

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We are specialists in solar energy self-consumption

At SolarTradex we want to accompany you on your path towards savings and sustainability. We prepare tailored solutions for companies and private homes. If you are interested in learning more about how to save money on your electricity bill and contribute to a more sustainable future through solar energy

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