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Barcelona, a city located in a privileged latitude, has ideal geographical conditions for installing solar panels and taking advantage of solar energy. With a high solar radiation index of 3,031 hours of sunshine and a peak solar hour of 4.2, Barcelona offers a favorable environment for the generation of solar energy through solar panels.

The inhabitants of Barcelona have adopted solar energy as a sustainable option in their neighborhood community, and it is common to find solar panels installed on the roofs of buildings in neighborhoods such as Horta-Guinardó, La Bordeta or Gràcia, among other areas, which have joined progressively to solar self-consumption.

Likewise, Barcelona has a topography that provides excellent sun exposure, with few obstacles that could generate shadows on the solar panels. This characteristic makes it an optimal location for the installation of solar panels, which contributes to maximizing the efficiency and performance of solar systems in the generation of renewable energy.

Why install solar panels in Barcelona?

Solar energy allows consumers of different types to produce their own electricity, covering part of their electrical needs at a lower cost than that normally purchased from electricity suppliers and thus avoiding the emission of CO2 associated with traditional electricity generation.

Solar self-consumption is the ability of one or more consumers to generate, manage and consume energy at the same site or remotely, whether with or without energy storage. Each kWh produced and self-consumed is 1 kWh less that we must buy from the electricity company with its corresponding savings on the electricity bill.

Solar energy allows us:

  • Save more than 50% on our electricity bill from day one.
  • Avoid rising electricity prices.
  • Take economic advantage of roofs.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint associated with our daily lives.
  • Contribute to a cleaner and more responsible world.

Requirements for the installation of solar panels in Barcelona

These are the prerequisites for the installation of solar panels in Barcelona:

  1. Drafting of a technical report (installations up to 10 kW), or a technical project (installations of more than 10 kW or public premises)
  2. Request for connection point to Endesa Distribución (only for projects of more than 15 kW)
  3. Processing of a prior notice of works at Barcelona City Council.
  4. Opening of a work center and implementation of a health and safety plan.

Once the installation is complete, you must:

  1. Prior inspection by an Accredited Control Body ((only for projects of more than 15 kW or public premises)
  2. Signing of the technical access contract with Endesa Distribución (only for projects of more than 15 kW)
  3. Registration in the Registry of Industrial Safety Technical Facilities (RITSIC)
  4. Registration in the Self-Consumption Registry of Catalonia (RAC)
  5. If you want to install solar panels in Barcelona, it is highly recommended to hire a comprehensive service from a specialist solar energy company, including engineering work, prior processing, supply of materials, installation, legalization and management of tax credits and/or subsidies.

Neighbour communities (Collective or shared projects)

If you want to install solar panels in your neighborhood community, you must provide:

  • Owners' agreement: It is required to obtain the approval of a MAJORITY of the community's neighboring owners, which must be reflected in a legal document, such as a minutes of the owners' meeting. In the case of rental homes, it is necessary to consult with the landlords or owners of the homes.

Subsidies and tax credits available in Barcelona.

Currently there are different lines of incentives to help pay for a solar panel installation.

1. Aid from The incentive program linked to self-consumption and storage, with renewable energy sources and implementation of renewable thermal systems.

2. European aid for improving the energy efficiency of homes (Next Generation)

3. Grant of 50% of the Real Estate Tax (IBI) for 3 years.

4. Grant of 50% of the Economic Activities Tax (IAE) for 3 years

5. Deduction of 40% of the investment in the Income Tax Return (IRPF).

Solar panel installation price in Barcelona.

    The price of a solar panel installation depends mainly on 3 factors:

    - size of the solar installation.

    - type of solar structure to use depending on the type of roof where the solar panels are installed.

    - complexity of operations to raise all the material to the roof: need to cut the street, need to have a crane, need to have workers specialized in vertical work, etc.

    In any case and despite these complexities, the vast majority of solar installations have a return on investment period of less than 5 years, and if subsidies are obtained, less than 3 years.

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