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SolarTradex is a company with a long history, experience and reputation in the field of solar installations for residential, collective, commercial and industrial self-consumption. We have our own engineering and our own teams of solar installers to manage all phases of your project with maximum guarantee, including design, engineering, processing, installation and commissioning, legalisation and management of subsidies, grants or tax credits.
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The SolarTradex team is made up of people with extensive experience and reputation in the field of solar photovoltaic energy. 50% of our team is made up of qualified engineers and economists. All our installers have proven experience and the necessary and mandatory training in working at height and against electrical risks. The SolarTradex team is regular trainers for the College of Industrial Technical Engineers of Barcelona and Lleida.

We are committed to offering the best service and working hand in hand with our clients to achieve the most appropriate and efficient solution in each case. With our highly qualified and experienced team, you can be sure that your project will be in good hands.

Frequently asked questions


What is a collective self-consumption installation and how to share energy?


A collective self-consumption installation is the sum of "n" individual installations that share a series of common infrastructures: a single project, a single wiring, a single inverter, a single legalization and processing.

For this reason, it will be necessary to sign a sharing agreement between all participants in the collective self-consumption facility that will establish what % of the facility each participant has.

From here we must understand that sharing energy is a virtual phenomenon in which we do not really know where the electrons physically go.

For this reason, in a collective self-consumption installation it will be necessary to install a generation meter that will read and inform the distribution company of all the energy generated.

The distribution company will apply the distribution coefficients of the agreement and will allocate to each participant the corresponding part of generation. From here it will compare the generation with the consumption read by the consumption meters of each participant and will make the corresponding balance to end up billing each one for the difference between their consumption and their generation, and in case this difference is less than 0 applying the corresponding surpluses.


At what maximum distance can I currently share energy?


Currently the maximum straight line distance in the orthogonal plane between the generation meter and the consumption meter is 2 km.

Energy can be shared in both LV and MV.


If I have a solar installation, can I share my excess energy with my neighbours?


No. You can share a facility with your neighbours', and therefore you will share all the energy generated (self-consumed and surplus), but you cannot share only your surplus.


If I live in a neighborhood community, can I install PV without asking for permission?


The roofs of the communities are not for the exclusive use of the person who lives on the highest floor, but belong to the community of neighbors, therefore according to the Catalan civil code, you will have to ask the community for permission if you want to put a solar installation for individual use as if it were a community installation.

To request permission, it is necessary to convene the community meeting and state on the agenda that you want to request permission to install solar panels.

At the next meeting, the community board must approve the permit to carry out the solar installation by a simple majority of those present.