Residential Self-Consumption

Casal Cultural de Mollet
Self-consumption solar installation of 14.03 kWp in the Casal de Mollet del Vallès.
Mollet del Vallès - January 2024

Within the framework of the collective purchase promoted by the Baix Vallès Local Group of the SOM ENERGIA energy consumer cooperative, SolarTradex has made a partial donation of a solar installation for the Casal Cultural de Mollet del Vallès.

The installation consists of 33 photovoltaic modules of 425 Wp of unit power, which add up to 14.03 kW of peak power, connected to two inverters, one of 10 kWn and one of 3 kWn of the HUAWEI brand. All energy circulation is managed by Huawei's Powersensor Triphasic monitoring system. The installation is integrated into the architecture of the building's roof on a structure of wind-resistant prefabricated concrete blocks and distributed in a way that avoids the shadows of obstacles that are higher up.

The energy that this facility is expected to generate is 18,746 kWh/year. Regarding consumption, 41% of production will be instantly consumed, which will reduce consumption by 48%. In addition, 39% of the production will be surpluses that can be used to reduce the amount of the energy term of the electricity bill in the simplified compensation modality. With the installation, CO2 emissions of 8,788 kg/year are avoided.

This self-consumption facility, which has been delivered partially free of charge, will cover the Casal's community energy uses, managed by a private charitable-social foundation. In this way, the house is positioned as a reference for sustainability and transmits these values to future generations.