Collective self-consumption

Community C/de la Xinesca 53
14.45 kWp collective self-consumption installation
Vilassar de Mar - 23/02/2024

Solar installation for collective self-consumption on the roof of a neighborhood community in Vilassar de Mar. The installation is made up of 34 JINKO x 425 Wp modules with a total power of 14.45 kW and connected to a 20 kW HUAWEI three-phase inverter of nominal power. The photovoltaic installation is mounted on a Solarbloc concrete structure with a 15° inclination. As a result there is no requirement for any metal structures.

Of the total 34 modules installed, 10 modules are for community consumption (lighting, elevators, swimming pools, etc.) and 24 modules for the consumption of 6 homes in the community of neighbours.

The planned production is 18,638 kWh/year and the CO2 emissions avoided are 8,748 kg/year.