Residential Self-Consumption

Domestic house
Domestic self-consumption installation with battery - 16.5 kWp and 30 kWh battery-
El Garraf - June 2019

The 16.5 kWp self-consumption installation is made up of 61 270W BENQ monocrystalline solar panels and high-efficiency PERC technology.

The conversion from direct current to alternating current is done by a SMA Tripower 15 kW three-phase grid inverter, and the battery charge and discharge management is carried out by three 4.4 SMA Sunny Island 6.0H-12 battery inverters. nominal kW each.

The solar energy generated and not self-consumed is instantly stored in 3 BYD 10 kWh lithium batteries, which store a maximum of 30 kWh useful, and allow the downloading of a nominal power of 13.2 kW three-phase thanks to the 3 battery inverters installed, and in periods of 30 minutes up to 18 kW three-phase instantaneous power.

The instantaneous power is provided by the 15 kW grid inverter, which means that in times of high irradiation and with the battery full, up to 28 kW of instantaneous power can be supplied from the solar installation.

The system has the complete SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0 monitoring system that allows you to control all the operating parameters of the system and even allows demand management with the home appliances based on the weather forecast.