SolarTradex team

SolarTradex is a company founded in 2010 in Mataró. Since our beginnings, our main objective has been to accelerate the energy transition through photovoltaic solar energy projects for self-consumption, an area in which we consider ourselves specialists.

We are privileged and deeply appreciate that in our case, profession and devotion come into our daily lives, and that is why we love to share our experiences, learnings and knowledge with clients and colleagues in the sector.

In 2012, when everyone imagined that self-consumption was illegal and wishful thinking, we put into service and legalised the first grid-connected self-consumption project in a small restaurant on Mataró's beach, for which we received the award for the best European project in the year 2012; Since then we have executed more than 1,500 installations, both residential and industrial, we have always done so with the same principles: commitment to a job well done, commitment to our clients and commitment to the society that surrounds us.
Currently we are a team of more than 70 people, having our own engineering and our own teams of solar installers that allow us to manage with maximum guarantee and professionalism all phases of any type of solar self-consumption project, including design, engineering, processing , installation and commissioning, legalisation and management of subsidies or tax credits.

Safety is essential in all our processes and that is why all our installers have proven experience and the necessary and mandatory training in working at height and against electrical risks.

If you are interested in knowing more about us, you can contact us by any of the means enabled on this website and we will respond quickly. We would love to share our project with you!!!